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Telephone: +49 (0) 211 598 45 2 - 90,
+49 (0) 162 430 1002







1.      Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. conducts its business with honesty, integrity and openness - so as to act in compliance with both legal and ethical standards, as well as with respect for human rights and the interests of our employees. We similarly respect the legitimate interests of those with whom we maintain relationships.

2.      In its organisation Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. uses the Work Regulations, which include all elements related to a harmonious operation in the field of occupational health and safety, fire protection, environmental protection and working conditions.

3.      Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. has zero tolerance for child and forced labour manifested by not supporting or encouraging any  form of child labour.

4.      Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o., acting in line with the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the Child does not employ juvenile workers and does not use violence, coercion, threats against adult employees, and does not use or support illegal labour, including trafficked, prison or bonded labour.

5.      Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. provides decent terms for employees. Recruitment, employment, and promotion of employees take place only on the basis of transparent requirements familiar to the employees in respect of qualifications and skills as well as criteria for assessing the effectiveness of operations. In the workplace, there must be no discrimination based on ethnic origin, religion, age, disability, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political affiliation. Activities of Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. are designed to protect employees against all forms of discrimination or termination of employment for unjustified reasons.

6.      Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. guarantees that overtime work is in any case voluntary, unless it is required and prescribed by law.

7.      The Work Regulations contain anti-discrimination procedures developed on the basis of special regulations and other provisions contained in the Labor Code. The Mobbing Committee has been established to deal with racial, gender discrimination, harassment and mobbing.

8.      Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. has implemented in its enterprise an internal anti-mobbing procedure, obliging employees to take all measures provided for by law, including the use of measures described in the mobbing procedure, to mitigate the social effects of mobbing, including, in particular, intervention actions and assistance to victims of mobbing.

9.      Issues of remuneration and working time may not go beyond the norms set out in the provisions of the Labor Code and other normative acts regulating related issues.

10.    Ensuring that working time is in accordance with national law, International Labour Organisation Conventions or a collective bargaining agreement - whichever guarantees employees better protection.

11.    Employees, without exception, have the right to join and/or form trade unions at their own discretion, based on and within the framework of applicable law.

12.    Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. supports diversity in the work environment while maintaining mutual trust and respect, where everyone feels responsible for their part of their duties and for the reputation of the company.

13.    Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. is committed to ensuring that employees work together on the basis of mutual respect, regardless of race, religion, gender or cultural background. Therefore, it is expected that no employee will impose religious or cultural beliefs on their colleagues. We want our employees to avoid sexual intimidation in any shape or form.

14.    Neither Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. nor any of its employees may offer or accept illegal gifts, cash or other forms of remuneration to secure business or private benefits, benefits for customers or suppliers. Any demand or offer of a bribe should be immediately rejected and reported to the management.

15.    Training activities carried out by Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. and appropriate equipment allow to prevent and minimize the risk of accidents at work.

16.    Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. processes personal data in accordance with regulations and takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that the degree of protection of personal data processing meets the legal requirements in force.


                                                                          MISSION AND GOAL

17.    The purpose of the Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. is to provide clients with a comprehensive range of advertising products and services labeling, while maintaining the highest ethical standards, security principles and sustainable development.



18.    Axpol Trading employees' safety is a priority and all activities are consistent with health and safety rules. We provide all employees with a safe, possibly comfortable place to perform a job that is appropriate to the activities performed. We work with a certified Health and Safety Inspector who regularly conducts employee training in occupational health and safety, and organizes periodic inspections.

19.    We constantly care for the highest level of employee safety. Health and safety rules, as well as operating instructions for the devices are in prominent places in the company, and all employees have valid medical certificates.

20.    We continually assess the health and safety impacts and risks associated with our business. Our occupational health and safety policies and procedures are designed to help people work safely and prevent injury.

21.    We ensure that all workplaces within Axpol Trading are drug-free. We expect employees to comply with the company's policy on the use or possession of drugs or the consumption of alcohol.

22.    We take active precautions at our premises to minimise risks to employees and visitors, Violence and threats of violence are not permitted in the workplace.

23.    Possession or use of firearms or other weapons is not permitted while conducting business or on any premises belonging to Axpol Trading or unless specifically permitted under applicable local law and local company policy This prohibition applies even if you hold a firearms licence.

24.    Employees are expected to immediately report any safety issues to the company, including actual incidents or threats of violence in the workplace.

25.    Axpol Trading manages all information received from customers and counterparties in a secure manner and in accordance with the confidentiality agreements concluded and the applicable market abuse regulations. It ensures that information is not disclosed to unauthorised persons under any circumstances. The content of offers, quotations and contracts is considered confidential information.




26.    Driven by a commitment to customers, we endeavour to manufacture and supply safe products that meet the highest quality standards.

27.    Axpol Trading is constantly cares for raising the quality of services and products. It applies modern management methods, provides employees with access to the latest technologies, provides continuous support from the management and encourages development.

28.    The products are subjected to independent inspections during the production process and internal inspections in the warehouse. Business partners are carefully selected in accordance with all company values and the idea of sustainable development.



                                                                          LOOKING AFTER THE ENVIROMENT 

29.    All activities of Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. having a connection and impact on the environment takes place only within the limits of applicable law and high quality standards.

30.    Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. undertakes to continually improve its impact on the natural environment, while maintaining the long-term goal of sustainable business development. Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. will be a partner in promoting environmental protection, in activities aimed at a better understanding of environmental problems and sharing good practices in this field.

31.    An extremely important determinant of production in Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. is developing solutions that allow to optimize energy consumption, avoid increasing the amount of waste and reduce water consumption.

32.    Observation and analysis of raw material consumption by Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o., favorably affects the reduction of the resources, allowing their re-use and recycling.

33.    Ensuring safety and environmental protection is a key issue when implementing new technologies. Bold application of innovative methods, taking new initiatives is a priority, constantly ensuring development. Autonomy and new challenges are determined by the management style pursued by Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o.

34.    Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. is committed to continuous improvement in managing our environmental impact and, in the long term, to creating a sustainable enterprise. Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. will work with others to promote environmental protection, increase understanding of environmental issues and disseminate good practice.

35.    Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. undertakes to bear the social and economic costs resulting from environmental damage caused by their entities.


                                                               MODERN AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

36.    Communication within Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. is a very important aspect of cooperation inside and outside the company. Good communication has become a guarantee of efficient cooperation. The driving force behind the structure built up over the years is the conviction of the employees' uniqueness and the talents they have.

37.    Responsibility and certainty of the decisions made ensure harmonious and safe cooperation with counterparties of Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o., which translates into the effect delivered to consumers.

38.    Openness to market needs means that Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. develops more and more dynamically. Listening to and fulfilling consumer needs is a lasting pillar that allows us to answer endless and varied demand around the world.

39.    Our innovations are focused on meeting the needs of our customers. In doing so, we will be mindful of the concerns of our customers and communities. We will work on the basis of sound science, applying rigorous product safety standards.

40.    Respect for ourselves and for the customer built over years allows us to strengthen business relationships in which partnership and following the spirit of the times creates a coherent whole.

41.    The approach to business based on passion and the attainment of set goals poses new challenges every day, which Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. has been proud to deal with for almost 30 years.

42.    The development of Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. is also achieved through membership and active participation in many sector organisations: PSI (Promotional Product Service Institute), „Solidni w biznesie”, Polska Izba Artykułów Promocyjnych PIAP and European Sourcing.



                                                                                      OBSERVANCE OF RULES

43.    Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. considers it its duty to create mutually beneficial forms of cooperation with its suppliers, customers and business partners.

44.    In our business contacts, we expect our partners to comply with business conduct principles that are consistent with our policies, in particular, as regards compliance with the law and ethics.

45.    Strengthening our brand and increasing our presence in developing markets enables us to translate the potential of our company into the economic success. Compliance with the aforesaid principles is a key element on the way to achieving it.

46.    Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. believes in a good influence of dynamic and hard but fair competition and supports the creation of appropriate antitrust regulations. Axpol Trading Sp. z o.o. and its employees will conduct their activities in accordance with the principles of fair competition and relevant regulations.

47.    The accounting records of Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o. and supporting documents must correctly describe and reflect the nature of the transactions to which they relate. No undisclosed or unrecorded account, fund or asset will be shown or maintained.

48.    Adherence to these good practices is an essential part of the success of our company. Group general and financial officers are responsible for ensuring that these best practices are applied throughout Axpol Trading Sp. z o. o.

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